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Performances: Recent & Current

2015 was the 100th anniversary of the Kettle Valley Railway and the Brakemen were very busy performing 18 concerts of their Kettle Valley songs. In 2016, each Brakemen show will feature several KVR tunes but also other material from western Canada's colourful steam rail past. Audiences will be treated to our feminist train song ("Delicate As A Flower"), our risque expose of train life ("Who Comes 'Round the House...When I'm At The Round House?") and our train laxative song (C.P.R. Strawberries") plus many more. It's all Canadian rail history set to a toe-tappin' folk/bluegrass beat. 

While The Kettle Valley Brakemen continue to tour widely performing at museums, music festivals and special community events throughout the summer, more and more we are performing for private audiences of folks living in gated communities. These situations present us with ideal performing circumstances: intimate venues and interested audiences.    

Brakemen 2017 and the Future

Watch for updates

2017 began with sold-out concerts at the Osoyoos Seniors Centre (Feb. 25th) also at Peachland's 50+ Centre (March 10th).  In April The Kettle Valley Brakemen, in cooperation with The South Okanagan Community Fund and The Okanagan Historical Society announced the funding of six Heritage concerts for local Okanagan Seniors.  Four of these wonderfully received shows have been completed.  These have been private shows but the warmth and enthusiasm of the audience response has been incredible.  Two more concerts are slated: one at the Seniors Centre in Okanagan Falls at 2:00 pm on Sept. 8th and one at Naramata's OAP on the evening of Friday Sept. 22nd.  Please contact both venues for more information as these shows are open to the public.


In other PUBLIC Concert news, The Kettle Valley Brakemen have performances in Lilooet on August 23rd and at Brent's Heritage Mill in Kelowna on Aug. 29th. And at Penticton's Seniors Centre at 2:00 on Sunday Sept. 24th.


THE FUTURE for heritage entertainment remains VERY strong.  In 2018 The Kettle Valley Brakemen expect that we'll be working more closely with the operators ofUpscale Seniors Accommodation to provide our combination of fascinating history, original songs and Good Time singalong fun to Okanagan Seniors.  The Brakemen already have concerts scheduled for The Osoyoos Seniors Centre on the evening of Saturday Feb. 24th and Peachland's 50+ Centre on the afternoon of Sunday March 11th.  Watch this space for other "Brakemen Concert" postings.

Jack in front of the Royal Hudson

Jack in front of the Royal Hudson

-- August 29th 2017 --

Brent's Heritage Mill in Kelowna

-- September 24th 2017 --

Penticton's Seniors Centre

-- February 24 2018 --

Osoyoos Seniors Centre

-- March 11 2018--

Peachland 50+ Centre


Brakeman Jack at the Naramata Museum

July & August 2016

You are welcome to visit with Brakeman Jack in front of The Naramata Museum from 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm any Sunday in July and August.  Browse the Museum and learn about the origins of this unique Okanagan village, talk songwriting or sing along with old folk songs.  Of course Jack won't be there when The Kettle Valley Brakemen are on the road or when it's raining so if you're thinking of visiting Naramata for a chat or singalong email him at to discover whether he'll be there on that particular Sunday.

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