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So this question is: When is a song finished being written? There are as many answers to this as there are songwriters but The Kettle Valley Brakemen believe that a song isn't 'finished' as long as it is being performed. Each songwriter who sticks with the craft gains insight into methods of communicating and creating more effectively. The songs on this CD were originally written and recorded in 2000. Since then, they've been sung on hundreds of occasions. Keys have been changed, wording tweaked, and new songwriting skill applied. The Kettle Valley Brakemen continue to write, perform and record new material, but we love these old favorites and so do our audiences. We're happy to present them to you in this updated form.

Songbook for Early Tracks HERE

This release by The Kettle Valley Brakemen came out in 2006. The title song is constructed from "slanguage" used by railway men during the steam era and the CD includes a navvy work song, the saga of B.C.'s own railway plus our usual assortment of dramatic wrecks, hobo stories and other humorous adventures.

Songbook for Train Talk HERE


Discontinued Albums

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Railway Tales Along The Trail

The "trail" here being the Trans Canada Trail as it follows the rail bed of the Kettle Valley railway from Midway to Hope. This second Kettle Valley Brakemen CD is a must for anyone wanting to discover the history and folklore of the communities along the Kettle Valley line. You'll hear about ghost train sightings, a rain of rattlesnakes and a massive brawl between rail workers at Midway. Toe-tappin' folk/bluegrass at its best.

Songbook for Railway Tales Along The Trail

Released in 2000, this first CD by The Kettle Valley Brakemen contains songs about true historical events in B.C.'s colourful steam rail past including train wrecks, hold up artists and hobos. You'll hear the song that opens every Brakemen concert (Climb Aboard That Kettle Valley Train) as well as a feminist train song (Delicate As A Flower). The musical styles included on "Climb Aboard!" range from folk through bluegrass to blues.

Songbook for Climb Aboard!

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